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Discover the best strategies and tools for optimizing your child’s health, fitness and wellbeing to secure for them a future free from illness and ill health and to live with greater energy and vitality.

Learn how to optimize your child’s mental and emotional health, to help them become more resilient and to have the emotional intelligence to truly thrive.

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Are you ready to give your child the wellness and life skills that will help them to live their best life?

We live in a fast paced, high stress, fast food, toxic and uncertain world.  Illness and mental health have reached epidemic proportions.  Never has there been a more challenging time for our children to grow up in.   

As parents we fully understand the responsibility and incredible impact we have on our children.  That the choices we make shape how they show up in the world.

But, as parents and caregivers we often struggle with the choices we need to make.  There is so much confusing and conflicting information out there. 

But it is abundantly clear that we need to equip our children with the wellness and life skills to face the challenges of modern living if they are to thrive.   

Their physical and mental health needs to be a priority. Not just someday, but right now.


So, where do we go to get the answers? To access the practical, researched and practiced tools and strategies to make the best parenting and wellness decisions for our children?

This is why I have put together the Wellness Kids Summit to give you access to the knowledge and information you can immediately use from parenting, child development and children’s health experts you can trust. 

To give you access to the tools, strategies, and practices that will empower you to take responsibility for your child’s health and wellness and to equip them with the life skills to face the stressors and challenges of today’s fast paced way of life!  To develop the resilience and emotional intelligence to help them live life with greater hope, optimism, and positivity.

Because you are your child’s biggest advocate and you need to feel empowered to provide them with the foundational wellness habits and life skills that will enable to show up in life as their best selves and truly thrive.

So, are you ready to take the first and most important step towards becoming your child’s wellness and life mentor and helping them to build a foundation of habits, behaviors and skills that will support them into adult life? 

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Learn From These 44 Trusted Authorities

Get ready to learn the latest, cutting-edge insights from world renowned parenting, child development and children’s health experts, researches and authors  – many whom are leaders in their field.

Jennifer Kolari MSW, RSW

Connected Parenting

Abby Kramer, DC

Boosting Your Childs Immunity & Natural Remedies for the Common Cold and Flu

Rhea Lalla

Teaching Children Emotional Intelligence


Sarah McKay 

Brain Development of Children & In Particular the Teenage Brain

Liz Lipski, PhD

Digestive Wellness for Kids

Suzanne Tucker, PT, CEIM

Reparenting Yourself So You can Show up for Your Kids

Patrick Porter, PhD

Brain Entrainment for Children

Aly Cohen, MD

How to Protect Your Kids from Toxic Chemicals

Greer McGuiness MS, RD, 

Impact of Toxins on our Kids Health & How to Detox Toxins

Christy Keating

Keeping Kids Safe Offline & Online

Helen Brough, Ph.D

Children’s Allergies, Eczema & Asthma

Maggie Kline

Trauma Proofing Kids

Katie Kimball, CSME

Healthy Eating for Kids and the Power of Teaching Kids to Cook

Kiran Krishnan, PhD

The Microbiome & Children’s Health

Kathryn Goetzke, MBA

 Hopeful Minds – Teaching Children Hope

Mandee Hamann

Kids Brains & Screens & How to Free Your Kids from Addictive Screen Habits

Tosha Schore, M.A

Parenting Boys Peacefully

Natasha Agbai, MD

Weight Loss for Kids

Scarlett Lewis

Choose Love Formula for Building Resilience

Marie-France Laval

Feeding Picky Eaters

Alyssa Blask Campbell M.Ed

Parenting Using Collaborative Emotion Processing

Teri Cochrane

Nutrigenomics & Epigenetics for Treating Complex Children’s Health Issues

Charlotte Reznick,  PhD

Using a Child’s Imagination to Transform Stress & Anxiety

Joyce Shulman

Walking as Fitness for Children

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Bernadette Melnyk PhD

Cope 2 Thrive:  Helping Kids Manage Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Evan Brand

Parasites, Candida, Mold and Mycotoxins & the Health of Your Child

Delia McCabe, PhD

Feeding Your Kids Brain for Optimal Brain & Mental Health

Amy Balentine, PhD

Teaching Self-Compassion to Kids

Marilyn Sanders, MD

Helping Children Cope with Adversity Applying the Principles of Polyvagal Theory

Kim Murray

Optimizing Kids & Teenagers Mental Health Using Tapping

Jane Barlow

Herbal Medicine for Kids

Jorina Elbers, MD

Heart Coherence, Resilience & Heart-Based Medicine In Children

Rachel Joy

Reparenting, Self-Regulation & Building Connection for Parents

Anthony Balduzzi, NMD

Importance of Role Modelling Health and Fitness for Children

Lorraine Murray

Teaching Children Meditation & Mindfulness

Brett Klika, CSCS

Inspiring Kids to Get Excited about Exercise and Sports

Ali Owens

Teaching Kids Yoga

Sally-Anne McCormack M.Psych

Teaching Kids About ANT’s & Tools To Help Them Manage Them

Kate Tietje

Natural and Herbal Remedies for Kids

David Rabin MD, PhD

Managing Stress & Anxiety in Children

Dee C. Ray

Play Therapy

Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri, PhD

 Peace Learning Parenting

Kirsten Nottleson

Using Play to Build Connections With Our Kids

Jeannine Tidwell

Importance of Children Connecting With Nature

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60% of American children do not have healthy cardiorespiratory fitness

19.7% or 1 in 5 children (14.7 million children and adolescents) have obesity.

9.4% of children (approximately 5.8 million) have diagnosed Anxiety

4.4% of children (approximately 2.7 million) have diagnosed depression

1 in 9 children now live with ADHD and 1 in 36 children have been identified with autism

42% of high schoolers had persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness

7-8% of adolescents attempt suicide each year, and roughly 17% report serious suicidal ideation

12% of teen boys have a video gaming addiction and 32% of teenagers consider themselves addicted to their smartphones.

34.8 million children (ages 0-17)—nearly half of American children—are exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that can severely harm their future health and well-being.

It’s clear our child’s mental and physical wellness is at risk.

It’s time to make our CHILD’S HOLISTIC WELLNESS AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT a priority. To provide them with the supportive parenting that gives them a safe and secure base and teaches them the wellness and life skills that will support them in adult life.

Their future HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE, their opportunity to TRULY THRIVE, depends on how we parent them today.


You want to get past the hype and access the evidence-based information to enable you to make more informed health, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing choices for your children.

You want to learn about the best nutrition, foods, supplements, natural remedies and herbal medicines for giving your children a healthier, fitter and more energized future life.

You want to learn how to teach your kids to live with greater hope, optimism, positivity so that they can perform at their best and grow up to be happy, healthy, successful and confident adults.

You want to access the leading tools, strategies and practices to help you heal past traumas, recognize your triggers and to learn coping skills to help strengthen your bond with your child

You want to learn how to set loving boundaries that your children respect which keep them safe both offline and online whilst helping them to self-manage their screen time and prevent them becoming addicted and limiting their cognitive development.

You want your children to be free from illness and disease, to be healthy, fit and energetic and to provide them with a role model for a healthy lifestyle.

You want to learn tools for connection, communication and emotional intelligence to help create a strong and secure attachment for your child so they feel safe and with the resilience to face the world.

You want to be fully present, and to support your child’s healthy brain and emotional development and teach them how to keep their thoughts, emotions and nervous system in balance.

You want to learn how to overcome challenging child behaviors, avoid burnout, and nurture strong, adult-child relationships and build a family life rich with play, laughter and connection.

You want to join with thousands of other parents, care givers, teachers, and wellness professionals who are committed to the children in their care’s physical and mental health, and to helping them to thrive into adulthood.

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Get the latest cutting-edge insights and practical advice from 44 of the world’s most trusted parenting, child development and children’s health experts to help your kids to thrive.


How do I help my child to develop wellness habits and behaviors that will keep them healthy and well today whilst serving them into the future and helping them to develop optimal health and wellbeing that will secure for them a high quality of life?

How do I break generational patterns, recognize and tame my triggers and learn coping skills and tools to regulate my nervous system so I can parent in a way that creates a strong and secure attachment for my child so, they feel safe and well adjusted to face this big, crazy world?

How do I handle my child’s big emotions and respond to their difficult behaviors like defiance, anxiety and aggression with confidence and clarity, increase healthy compliance and still build a family rich with laughter, trust and connection?

How do I help my child to develop resilience and parent in a way that strengthens my child from the inside out so that they have the confidence to effectively respond to setbacks, adversity and the challenges of life?

How do I help my child to develop the social and emotional skills to help them have healthier relationships with others whilst creating greater hope, compassion, optimism, happiness and positivity in their life so that they can truly thrive?

How can you come together with thousands of other parents, care givers, teachers, and wellness professional who are committed to the children in their care’s physical and mental health, their future development and to helping them to thrive into adulthood — without even having to leave your home.? (HINT: Right Here!).



Access to 44 life changing and actionable interviews with world class experts who will share their wisdom, insights, and tips, in short interviews so you can optimize every area of your kid’s life and help them live with greater health, wellness, happiness and success.

Feel empowered to become your child’s wellness guide and mentor, to help guide them to greater health, fitness, cognitive capacity, and emotional resilience, whilst giving them the wellness and life habits that will stay with them into adulthood.

Get the latest updates, news, and science-backed information from trusted experts to help dispel your confusion and help you manage your child’s different stages of development in a supportive and connected way that will strengthen your relationship.

Get the practical advice and strategies that you can immediately implement into your family’s life, so your child can develop the resilience and emotional intelligence to show up in the world as the best version of themselves and thrive.

Exclusive invite to a private Facebook group so you can become part of a supportive and inspiring community of parents, care givers, teachers, wellness professionals and others committed to the future of the children in their care.


Each day you will have an opportunity to kick start your day with daily wellness practices suitable for both you and your kids such as meditation, breathwork, yoga and tapping. 

Each of the 5 daily wellness practices have been designed to help you practice mindfulness, reconnect your mind and body, regulate your nervous system and energize yourself whilst helping you to relax, destress and recenter. 

Claim Your FREE Spot for the 2023 Wellness Kids Summit!

Get the latest cutting-edge insights and practical advice from 44 of the world’s most trusted parenting, child development and children’s health experts to help your kids to thrive.



Hi, I am Damian.  I am  the founder of Legend Life where my mission is to empower others to live limitless lives. To living free to be their authentic selves, realize their full personal potential and make the contribution they are here to make.  To live lives that are lived passionately, purposefully and intentionally and with greater fitness, health, wellness and vitality. To living what I call a LEGEND LIFE.

As the father of a 12-year old boy this is also what I want for my son.  To instill in him the wellness and life habits that will see him go of into the world, to become his best self and thrive.  But as with many parents I sometimes feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to navigate the challenges of parenting especially the sometimes challenging behaviors, big emotions and failures to cooperate.   

Understanding my limitations and wanting to ensure I have the tools and strategies to navigate these challenging and triggering situations whilst building a stronger connection with my son and becoming the parent I always wanted to be.  I decided to bring together 44 world-renowned experts, to pick their brains, and help myself and others wanting to join me on this journey to learn how to raise resilient and healthy children, who go on to thrive in the world.  

To learn how to connect with our children and foster relationships of trust, safety and confidence that bring out the best in our children and help them to grow up to be happy, healthy, successful and confident adults.


You’ll feel informed with credible, actionable information, and practical strategies, you can use to confidently take charge of your child’s health, fitness, wellbeing and emotional development.

You’ll have the confidence to begin healing from your past traumas and equipped with the coping strategies to defuse big emotions and challenging behaviors so that you finally feel you can fully show up as the parent you would like to be and build a strong relationship with your child.

You’ll have certainty that regardless of what life throws in your child’s direction that they will have the resilience and emotional intelligence to help them face these challenges and in doing so become their best selves.

You’ll feel confident that that you will be able to help your child face life with greater hope, optimism and positivity so that in turn they can live with greater vitality and truly thrive.

And you’ll feel your part of a vibrant community of conscious parents committed to providing their children with the wellness and life skills that will see them feel inspired and empowered to proactively take charge of their health and life into the future and live their best life.

Claim Your FREE Spot for the 2023 Wellness Kids Summit!

Get the latest cutting-edge insights and practical advice from 44 of the world’s most trusted parenting, child development and children’s health experts to help your kids to thrive.


You are child’s greatest ally.  You are their most important influence in building the wellness and lifestyle habits that will stay with them for life.

Your child’s future is in your hands.  It is up to you to give them their greatest gift ever and equip them to take the first steps to a life of health, wellness, happiness and success.  Not just someday, but right now!

I have brought together 44 leading health and parenting experts, to provide you with the insights, information, and strategies, to help you develop you kid’s physical, mental health and emotional health to truly show up in life.  To secure for them a healthier, fitter and happier future. 

In highly engaging and informative sessions, world class experts will provide you with all the insights you need to help parent your kids in a way that will deepen your connection with them whilst empowering them to realize their personal potential and secure for themselves a life of happiness, meaning and success. 

You’ll also learn how to give your kids the resilience, emotional intelligence, inner resources and coping skills to face all that life may present them with and enable them to thrive.

Join some of the world’s most respected children’s health, parenting and child development experts, therapists and researchers and CLAIM FOR YOUR CHILD A LIFETIME OF HEALTH,  WELLBEING, RESILIENCE AND HAPPINESS.  A LIFE  that will see them THRIVE!


Our role as parents is to be our child’s wellness and life mentor.  To be there to guide them and to help them to develop into the best versions of themselves.  To foster in our children a sense of authenticity, autonomy and critical thinking that will support them throughout their life.

The Summit will give you the strategies, latest practices, parenting tools and expert information to help you to make the best choices for your child’s future development.  You’ll learn how to teach them how to make their physical, mental and emotional wellness an integral and central part of their lives. 

Get ready to be empowered to help them develop into the healthy, authentic, confident thriving adults the world so sorely needs. To equip them with the wellness and life tools that will allow them to realize their potential and become all they can be.  To become the future change makers who will shape our world’s destiny.



Giving not only makes us feel good about ourselves but research shows it can boost our mental, emotional and physical health which helps us to create the happy mind that leads to happiness, life satisfaction and fulfillment.

With this in mind the Summit has been designed to help you experience first hand the benefits of GIVING.

We believe that clean water is a fundamental right that should be available to everyone and so during the Summit we will be raising funds for the non-profit charity:water to help them build sustainable clean water projects to provide safe and clean water to the 771 million people in developing countries who currently lack access to this basic human right.

Throughout the Summit you will will be given opportunities to donate to our PURE WATER FOR EVERYONE fundraiser and experience the full power of giving.



Claim Your FREE Spot for the 2023 Wellness Kids Summit!

Get the latest cutting-edge insights and practical advice from 44 of the world’s most trusted parenting, child development and children’s health experts to help your kids to thrive.

The Wellness Kids Summit Begins in: