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Free Gift #1

FREE Guided Goal Meditation

A guided meditation to help you think through what you are hopeful in life, and help you create strategies for getting there.

It is based on research by Dave Feldman and Diane Dreher, Can Hope Be Changed in 90 Minutes and is featured in the Shine Hope Compan’s Hopeful Mindsets Overview Course.

Free Gift #2

FREE Five-Day Global Hope Challenge

The Five-Day Global Hope Challenge by Kathryn Goetzke highlights the critical hope skills encompassed in the Five Keys to SHINE for Hope. You will learn about the impact of Hopelessness and the science of hope, Stress Skills and Happiness Habits, Inspired Actions, Nourishing Networks, and Eliminating Challenges. It is a brief entry into how we teach hope.

Free Gift #3

FREE 7-Point Checklist To Feel Light And Bright Starting Today!

The idea of feeling ‘Light and Bright’ may seem simplistic in a complex world where overwhelm and uncertainty seem to be part of life.

But, we need to take charge of our lives – and make some changes – if we’re going to find a way to thrive despite the challenges we’re facing.

The simplest way to do this is to make SMALL changes, but ones that provide quick results, and relief from feelings of anxiety and stress.

The brain can be nudged to make change ‘stick’ – and this report by Delia McCabe gives you a checklist to use every day so that small changes become new habits, with BIG positive results!

Free Gift #4

FREE HeartMath Experience video course

Check out this free 90 minute online video program. Unlock your heart’s natural intuitive guidance.  Hear from experts and master trainers.
Experience 5 scientifically validated HeartMath techniques for activating your heart power and intelligence.
Learn to move from depletion to renewal – from stress to ease – to become who you truly are.

Free Gift #5

FREE 20 Fun Ways to Get Kids Moving eBook

Help kids have fun while they develop coordination and fitness skills with activities for coordination, strength, and more!  All activities include step by step instructions with video. 

Free Gift #6

FREE Drifting Off Into Dreamland Meditation

Would you like a short meditation to guide your mind and body to rest?

In this meditation, we will move through a series of simple breathing techniques to guide the mind and body into a state of deep relaxation.

Following a short body scan, we will dive into a guided visualization to help you drift off into dreamland.

Free Gift #7

FREE Knife Skills for Kids Video

Teach those life skills and leave a legacy of healthy eating and a good relationship with food by giving your kids agency in the kitchen….
Knives don’t have to be scary – they can be EMPOWERING for kids. Keep Your Young Cooks Safe with the Kids Cook Real Foods Member Favorite Knife Skills for Kids Video!

Teach those life skills and leave a legacy of healthy eating and a good relationship with food by giving your kids agency in the kitchen….

Kids Cook Real Food teaches safe techniques for kids ages 2-12, dull knives to chef knives. Your kids will gain confidence, and you gain some prep cooks…

Free Gift #8

FREE Edible Wild Plants eBook

More than just a field guide, this 58 page Edible Wild Plants eBook, takes you on a holistic journey of deep nature connection to experience the rich connections that our earth based ancestors enjoyed. This is a GREAT way for families to deepen their bond together.  It includes:

  • The top ten edible wild plants of North America
  • Benefits of eating wild plants
  • How to identify edible wild plants
  • How and when to harvest ethically
  • How to process and preserve your harvest
  • 25 delicious edible wild plant recipes!
  • Info on medicinal qualities of these plants
  • Plus, our tried and true holistic approach to learning wild edibles!

Free Gift #9

FREE In the Moment Guide eBook

in this free guide learn how to respond in the moment to your child’s big emotions.


Learn the 5 skills your tiny human needs to feel calm and supported

This guide is rooted in the Collaborative Emotional Processing Method (CEP) that Alyssa Blask Campbell, M.Ed, the founder of Seed and Sew, co-created. It offers the secret sauce for raising kind, compassionate children, and you can see real results in under a week.

As you dive into the guide, you’ll learn that the trick to raising emotionally intelligent humans isn’t avoiding big feelings, distracting them with toys, or yelling empty threats.

Free Gift #10

FREE Wildatarian Detox Plan eBook

The Wildatarian Detox Plan by Teri Cochrane is designed to give your body a break
so that it can dump some of the toxins stored in various tissues. And this program
makes it easy for you – whether you are intimidated by cooking or overwhelmed by
the multitude of options available at the grocery stores.

It guides you through detailed food preparation instructions and meal schedules. It teaches you how to prepare detox-friendly meals at home quickly and easily and how to “shop your fridge and pantry” to have clean, fast food at home!

Free Gift #11

FREE 100 Questions to Build Your Relationship With Kids and Tech Addiction Blueprint eBook

Learn how to build you relationship with you kids and how to effectively address Tech Addition with EQ Specialist and Relationship/Parenting Coach, Rhea Lalla, Founder of Build Great Minds

Free Gift #12

FREE Webinar and Printables to Tame Your Parenting Triggers

This webinar will help you learn to identify your triggers and patterns in the way you react to your children using the Generation Mindful 7-step worksheet. You will discover what is driving your pain, and how to stay present and calm, despite the upset you feel. You’ll also learn how to calm and reset your nervous system, and how to teach this to your children.

Free Gift #13

FREE Lifestyle Guide eBook

When you download this FREE Lifestyle Guide from chiropractor, holistic physician and health expert, Dr Abby Kramer you will receive her Top 8 Secrets to Happiness & Health


Free Gift #14

FREE Intergenerational Repatterning Toolkit

With the Intergenerational Repatterning Toolkit from Rachel Joy you’ll receive the entire process to break the chain of intergenerational trauma.
With the tool kit you’ll get:

  • Becoming UNLIMITED Hypnosis, and completing the chain breaker process
  • Inner child healing hypnosis
  • Conflict Resolution & Non-violent Communication Guide


Free Gift #15

FREE Digestive Health Appraisal Questionnaire

With the Digestive Health Appraisal Questionnaire, created by Dr Liz Lipkin and used by her for more than two decades, you will have access to a great screening tool to give an insight into your digestive health. 

Free Gift #16

FREE 10 Day Reconnect

Connection is the only way to change behaviors for good. But you’ve got to do it right.
In this free 10-Day Reconnect, Tosha Schore, from Parenting Boys Peacefully, shares the common mistakes parents make when we’re desperate for change, and teach you what you really need to know to get your boy back on track in no more than 15 minutes a day.

Free Gift #17

FREE 1 Hour Connected Parenting Webinar

Discover the “5 Shifts of Parenting” That Bring You More Connection, Freedom and JOY as a Parent.  5 science-based techniques to defuse tantrums and meltdowns, build emotional resilience, and bring out the best in your child whilst deeping your connection with your child.

Free Gift #18

FREE Parenting in a Snap Guide

In this guide you will learn 4 Simple Steps to More Peaceful Parenting! You’ll learn what you need to do when:

  • When you are angry or frustrated by your child’s behavior
  • Unsure of how to set effective limits
    Confused by how to manage all your teen’s big feelings
  • Beside yourself because your kiddo won’t do what you ask
  • Disconnected, exhausted, and just plain stuck


Free Gift #19

FREE How to Really Prevent Screen Addiction Handout

This 2-page handout from Screen Strong reviews the five things parents can do to prevent screen addiction before it’s too late.



Free Gift #20

FREE Soothing Heart-Centering, Heart-Opening Meditation (audio download)

Take some time to slow down, breathe, and find a peaceful rhythm, while paying attention to inner wisdom. This heart-centered and heart-opening meditation allows children, teens, and adults to compassionately connect with the self. You might place a hand in the middle of your chest at heart level –– the heart center –– as a gentle way to nurture and comfort, as well as to receive soothing solace while deepening self-love. From this caring place, asking for and receiving inner thoughts, pictures, or messages to support can cultivate trust and intuition, central in self-care

Free Gift #21

FREE Ten Minutes of Play Can Change the Whole Day Guide eBook

Play and laughter are two of the most direct routes to connection between people. Play grows creativity, confidence, cooperation, and a sense of belonging. It is key to solving so much of the conflict, stress, disconnection, addiction, and other health issues we are experiencing personally and as a society as a whole. Yet, play often feels elusive and difficult to find time or energy for, and may at times, not even feel fun.

This guide will focus on the where, how, and why you may feel stuck. It will offer you ideas on how to loosen up in those areas, and get a little more “limber” when it comes to play. Whether you are actively parenting a child right now, or your own inner child, this guide will help you free up space and increase the play in your child’s life, and also in yours! Yes! It’s time to reclaim play in your life!

Free Gift #22

FREE Mold and Mycotoxin Solutions eBook

Learn how to properly test and detox from mold

Chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, joint pain, insomnia, food intolerances, MCS, and many more symptoms are directly linked to this epidemic problem stemming from water-damaged buildings.

In this quick-start guide, Evan Brand will show you exactly how to test for mold, mycotoxins, and what to do about the issues if you find them.

Free Gift #23

FREE Trial Connected Kids Foundation Course

The Connected Kids Foundation course is designed especially for parents and caregivers who want to create magical meditation experiences to help the family de-stress.

The Course provides:

  • Access to our user-friendly online self-study modules that gently guide you through the art of crafting meditation scripts kids and teens will love.
  • The flexibility to learn at your own pace, fitting the modules into your busy schedule.
  • A treasure trove of creative ideas and practical tools that can be adapted for kids of all ages, from the tiniest tots to teens.

Plus you will receive a super bonus (worth $60) of the Connected Kid’s tutorial that helps you guide kids to their inner calm.

Free Gift #24

FREE Fit Mom Jumpstart... Simple Meal Plan + Fat Burn Workout For Moms 40+

If you’re a busy Mom over 40 and you want to lose weight, improve your body shape, feel happier, AND help your family live healthier too… then this FREE Fit Mom Jumpstart (Meal Plan & Workout) is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Dr. Balduzzi created these free gifts to show you a simple & sustainable path to living healthier that’s designed for busy Moms over 40 & their families. Click the link below and you’ll get a copy of both sent straight to your email. You’ll be amazed how simple & effective this approach is.

Free Gift #25

FREE Meal Plan + Workout For Busy Dads 40+ (Created by Dr. Balduzzi)

Busy Dads over 40 need to eat and exercise differently than younger guys to burn off belly fat, build muscle, and feel energized & healthy for their families. Inside this FREE Meal Plan + Metabolism Boosting Workout, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi & the Fit Father Team will show you exactly how you can lose weight & get healthier with a sustainable approach for busy dads over 40.  When you click the link below, we will email you a simple meal plan, time-efficient workout for Men 40+, and private email training to help you see real results this upcoming week.

Free Gift #26

FREE Reaching for Your Angry Child Guide

In this FREE guide from Hand in Hand understand how to reconnect with your child and help them shift anger, upset, and aggressive feelings.

Instead of trying to “fix” the situation, you’ll have an opportunity to connect and co-regulate.

Move from off-track aggressive behavior to calm and co-operation.

Free Gift #27

FREE Listening Partnerships Guide

In this FREE guide from Hand in Hand you will discover a unique practice to reduce parent stress.

Thousands of parents all over the world have relieved stress and tension with Listening Partnerships.

Learn how to use a listener’s attention to overcome challenges in parenting, and makes room for:

  • Patience with your children
  • Compassion for yourself and others
  • Happier, and more confident in your choices and decisions

Plus – Hand in Hand will send you a free guide to Mock Threats – How to set limits the fun way!

Free Gift #28

FREE Daily Self-Compassion Practices Poster

In this FREE downloadable  poster from speaker and Mindfulness Self-Compassion expert Dr Amy Balentine you will have a week of self-compassion practices parents and kids can do together.

Free Gift #23

FREE First Section of Living With ANT's Book

ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) are annoying creatures that trouble everyone!

Sally-Anne McCormack refers to the analogy of the ANTs – everyone gets them, they are hard to get rid of, and we often don’t notice them until there is a huge pile of black pests hiding all of the good things (thoughts) underneath them. The pages of Living with ANTs illustrate the analogy by comparing the actions of ‘ants in your home’ on the left hand page with the ‘ANTs in your head’ on the opposing page.

Living with ANTs is a children’s picture book and you get to explore the first section of the book.

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