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BrainTap Technologies is on the leading edge of mindfulness technology with its apps and accessories teaching people to lead stress-free lives and to enhance their brain’s fitness whenever and wherever they need it. BrainTap, has emerged as a leader in digital health and wellness.

The BrainTap system uses your mobile device, paired with the BrainTap Headset or headphones of your choice, with over 1,800 sessions to choose from that range across desired life outcomes and tap into different neural pathways in your brain.

Braintap is offering a $100 discount on the BrainTap Power Bundle which includes the BrainTap Headset and annual membership to the BrainTap app using the Discount Code: WELLNESSKIDS.

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ENERGYbits® is the first premium brand of algae tablets. Their tablets are endorsed by doctors and third-party tested and are sold nationally through doctors, spas and specialty beauty retailers. 

Their spirulina and chlorella algae tablets are tiny nutrient-dense, plant based “bits of food” you swallow, chew or add to smoothies to satisfy hunger, protect and improve your beauty, health, longevity, fitness, energy and immune system. All naturally, safely, easily and sustainably.

Energy Bits is offering Summit attendees a 20% discount off all EnergyBits products using the Discount Code: WELLNESSKIDS

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HeartMath® helps you tap into the power and intelligence of your heart – your heart’s intuition – which awakens you to the best version of yourself. 

The HeartMath® for Parents Program provides proven techniques to reduce and prevent much of this stress overload, and the constant anxiety and energy drain that can come with parenting.

Heartmath is offering up to $70 off the HeartMath® for Parents Program for attendees to the Summit.  You can select which price you will pay for the course to activate your discount.

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99 Walks is an app that allows you to set monthly walking goals, track your progress, take motivational classes, and connect with a community of like-minded women looking to improve their physical and mental health.

Each month, 99 Walks Pack Members set their own monthly walking goal and when they crush it (and most do), they send them a gorgeous bracelet engraved with the theme of the month. Along the way, they motivate and inspire you with daily classes, terrific content and the most supportive community you’ll ever find.

All US attendees to the Summit are invited to join 99 Walks for one month — including the chance to earn their bracelet — for FREE by using the Discount Code LEGENDLIFE.

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Seed & Sew provides sleep support to tired parents and helps create emotionally supportive environments. It also provices small group coaching sessions on Tiny Humans, Big Emotions, a class on emotional development. As well as in person parenting workshops for Tiny Humans, Big Emotions.

Seed & Sew has 5 virtual classes along with the S.E.E.D. Certification®. Alyssa, the founder and CEO, presents at conferences, workshops, and organizations as an expert in building emotional intelligence in children. Alyssa has also published a book  Tiny Humans, Big Emotions.

Seed & Sew is offering Summit attendees a 20% discount off its Tiny Humans, Big Emotions class using the Discount Code WELLNESSKIDS20

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The Shine Hope Company is on a mission to improve lives globally by teaching scientifically informed and evidence-based methods to measure and cultivate hope. Learn how to activate hope in your life and community at

The Shine Hope Company is offering all Summit attendee’s 10% off its Hopeful Mindsets Courses using the discount code: WELLNESSKIDS2023

  • Valid until December 15th 2023

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Looking for a safe, easy way to beat stress and improve your sleep, focus and mood? The Apollo™️ wearable was designed for you. Created in a neuroscience lab, tested by thousands, and backed by 7 clinical trials, this game-changing technology helps you take control over how you want to feel.

The wearable uses touch therapy to send soothing vibrations that strengthen and rebalance the nervous system and support your circadian rhythm, actively building your resilience to stress. That means fewer sleepless nights and more deep sleep, better focus, plus an improvement in mood and energy overall.

Start feeling better with $40 off your Apollo wearable now with code HMS40

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Connected Kids is an accredited and worldwide programme helping parents and professionals teach children to reduce anxiety with mindful skills.

They have been teaching adults (like you) to help kids and teens access inner calm through mindful skills for over 20 years.  

Lorraine E Murray is the founder and author of 3 published books about teaching meditaiton.

Connected Kids is offering all Summit attendees who try a free trial of their beginner’s foundation subscription course, a super bonus (worth $60) of their tutorial that helps you guide kids to their inner calm.

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Hand in Hand Parenting helps parents when parenting gets hard. The Hand in Hand parenting approach builds resilient families and supportive communities of parents and professionals.

Hand in Hand sees a future where parents worldwide have the tools and support they need to meet their children’s core needs for connection, guidance, and recovery from hard times because when families thrive, communities thrive.  Their approach helps families build a stronger parent-child connection. This strong emotional bond is the hallmark of happy, well-adjusted families.

 Hand in Hand Parenting is offering a 25% discount for all Summit attendees for the Reaching Your Aggressive Child class 

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Generation Mindful is dedicated to helping families raise caring, confident, and resilient children through early emotional education and positive parenting. Together, we are raising an emotionally healthy world!
Generation Mindful is offering Summit attendees a 15% discount off all their products, by using the Discount Code BESTLIFE.

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ScreenStrong empowers families to prevent screen problems and reclaim their kids from toxic screens (social media, video games, and porn). Our solutions are screen-smart, not screen-free. We replace toxic screen use with healthy activities, life skill development, and family connections.

The result?  Strong kids. Strong families.

ScreenStrong is offering Summit attendees a 50% discount off The Lifestyle Course for Parents using the discount code DISCOUNT50.

Somatic Experiencing International is the leading authority on the SE™ method and is a major provider of training and educational programs. SE is a body-oriented therapeutic model that helps heal trauma and other stress disorders.

SE, provides a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders, and has helped thousands of people, including children, resolve trauma and the resulting mental and physical health concerns.


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